TC Campus Connection was developed for several reasons:

1. To provide students studying in the Digital Media Technology Degree and in the Audio Production Certificate a place to create and broadcast “Real” content.  It’s not enough to teach the students “about” radio, video and podcasting – they need to use their skills in real world examples for real clients and show the world their work.  Sometimes it will be great, sometimes it may need more polish, but knowing that it is available to the world makes the student take the assignment more seriously.  What the students learn here at TCCC gives them a leg up on the competition when looking for work.  Resume & Skill building while having fun and doing what we love – priceless!

2. To help faculty and staff show off what they do on campus.  To tell the world about the great programs, classes, techniques and services available at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.  To extend learning from the classroom out to the world.

3. To provide a place for Students, Faculty and Staff to share the music they love; inform the public about their hobbies; strengths and skills, and share their personal knowledge to help those looking for information or inspiration.  It also provides a place for us who love to broadcast to get behind the mic and let go – it’s incredibly exhilarating knowing that people are listening to what you say – what you play – a little scary at times too!!